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We'd be happy to give you a demonstration of the ClearGov Insights platform at your convenience.  During your online demo, you'll learn how to:

  • Expand your ClearGov page with deeper financials...
  • Leverage your ClearGov page to improve the budgeting processes...
  • Create customized peer groups to quickly and easily benchmark against peers...
  • Build dynamic benchmarking analyses on-the-fly...
  • And much more.

No-pressure, online demo at your convenience

NOTE:  Product demos are reserved for government officials only.

What you'll learn during the demo...

How to expand your ClearGov page with deeper financials

ClearGov Insights' expanded financial profiles offer visitors a whole new level of transparency.  Easily drill into funding sources and expenditures to get a clear view of departmental budgets down to the check level detail.  We'll discuss the data onboarding process to give you a thorough understanding of how easy it is to implement the ClearGov platform in your community.

How to Customize Your Peer Comparisons

Want to see how your municipality compares to your group of peer communities?  Our custom peer group tool allows you to easily define a new set of peers to benchmark your community against.  In fact, you can create as many custom peer groups as you like, and you decide which groups to make public and which to share internally with your fellow town officials

How to create dynamic benchmarking analyses on-the-fly

Benchmarking has traditionally been a time-consuming and costly exercise that requires extensive expertise in manipulating spreadsheets. ClearGov’s simple, yet powerful benchmarking tools allow you to quickly compare your municipality or district against similar organizations using dozens of data filters - all without ever touching a spreadsheet. 

David Lussier

Our Clients Speak Volumes...

"I used to spend countless hours collecting data and building benchmarking comparisons in Excel.  ClearGov has removed this hassle and has allowed me to focus on the benchmarking results.  ClearGov has changed the game."

"ClearGov helped make our budget presentations more effective by consolidating dense financial information into clear, concise concepts that everyone could understand."

Robert Halpin

Superintendent, Wellesley Public Schools

Town Manager, Framingham, MA

Data is the new lifeblood of modern organizations. ClearGov helps administrators, board members and department heads get on the same page with a common set of empirical data and make more informed and data-driven contributions.

Drive Trust &


By taking a proactive stance on transparency your organization can lift a perceived veil of secrecy, more clearly communicate changing dynamics and better convey efforts to reduce costs and identify inefficiencies.

Save Time

Empower Stakeholders

Benchmarking has become a critical practice for municipalities and school districts, but it is extremely time consuming and complex. ClearGov offers easy-to-use tools that enable quick yet powerful benchmarking analyses without complicated spreadsheets.

Haldane Central School District, NY

Town of Brookline, MA

Leading Governments & School Districts Rely on ClearGov

City of Decatur, GA

Framingham Public Schools, MA

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